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  • Active BevNET & NOSH Insiders can register for upcoming Speed Dating events, where you have the opportunity to meet with well-connected and highly knowledgeable industry executives

  • Prior to the event, the selection portal allows you to see the full attendee list and choose your priorities and conflicts, giving you the ability to customize your networking experience and maximize your time

  • Once the selection process is complete, you receive an auto-generated schedule of meetings

  • You have the option to submit a pitch deck to help guide meetings and introduce your brand

  • Each 8 minute meeting, hosted on BevNET.com, allows time to make introductions, discuss goals and objectives, and spark a future partnership

Weekly shows like Office Hours, NOSH Present: Market Share and Elevator Talk, and special events like CBD Today and Tomorrow, Supercharge D2C, our New Beverage Showdown, and Pitch Slam competitions 

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I think BevNET is so critical to this industry. We started Hint 15 years ago and really BevNET was the first place that I looked when I was trying to get going.

I love how NOSH is the connective tissue that holds this industry together.

These two media platforms provide the most relevant resources and information in the natural products industry today.

Kara Goldin

Gail Becker

Carole Buyers

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Keeping You Ahead and Informed

Alert: Full access -- on both BevNET and NOSH -- to daily stories, thousands of videos and our full archives

Each Month is Packed with New Speed Dating Events.

Become an Insider today and gain access to exclusive 1:1 meetings with industry experts. Pitch your new products, discuss strategy, and spark new partnerships.

BevNET & NOSH’s virtual events and original series bring experts together to explore the issues that affect your bottom line. Weekly shows like Office Hours, NOSH presents: Market Share and Elevator Talk and special events like CBD Today and Tomorrow, Supercharge D2C, our New Beverage Showdown and Pitch Slam competitions are unlocked with your annual subscription.

Advice From Experts On-Demand

Insiders Gain Access to Daily News, Innovation Insights, Expert Analysis, and Partnership Opportunities

Alert: Full access -- on both BevNET and NOSH -- to daily stories, thousands of videos and our full archives

Events Designed With You in Mind


Looking to capture the eye of the consumer within seconds? You’re in the right place. Meet with design experts to take your packaging to the next level and accelerate sales. Ask questions about labeling, messaging, and branding, and leave the event with actionable feedback and connections for future partnership.

Meet with Top Executives in the Food and Beverage Industry


Have top CPG investors right at your fingertips. Introduce your brand to high level decision makers looking for brand partners. Each event is based on stage and category, ensuring you meet with the right people for your stage of business. Event categories include early-stage, mid-stage, RTD cocktail brands, beverage, and food brands. Sign up for the one that’s right for you.

Make the connections you need to capture shelf space and expand your footprint. We bring hard-to-reach retailers directly to you so you can showcase your food or beverage brand and receive insider tips that will help you nail your pitch. 



Public Relations

Build buzz about your new product or recent announcement with the help of experts, who can make spreading the word a whole lot easier. We bring in top-notch PR agencies focused on the CPG industry to provide actionable advice relating to messaging, communications and PR strategies. Discuss the best ways to generate awareness amongst both consumers and the industry through earned, owned and paid PR campaigns.

Sometimes an introduction is all you need. We know who you want to meet and we’re here to make it happen. Whether it’s finding that investor that allows your company to scale or getting the inside scoop from top retailers, our events are tailored to what brands are looking for. Each month we supply new opportunities to solve problems, make connections, and grow your business. 

When you become an Insider, you have direct access to top investors, designers, retailers, and PR agencies looking to partner with you. 

We connect brands with top investors, retailers, and industry experts, fostering relationships that work to solve problems, crush goals, and move businesses forward. Here are just a few of the businesses that have participated in the past:

Be the Expert that Opens Doors

Retailers, investors, suppliers and service providers can sit in the expert’s seat for our upcoming events. Our Speed Dating events present the opportunity for your team to participate in back-to-cack strategic meetings with highly engaged brand executives looking for solutions and ideas.

Open doors and break down walls by meeting 1:1 with top decision makers in the industry. Here’s how it works:


Events Designed With You in Mind

Industry Meetings to Accelerate Growth

Speed Dating is a virtual networking series that connects food and beverage brands with industry experts. Brands have the opportunity to pitch top CPG investors, engage hard-to-reach retail buyers, and take away expert advice on topics like packaging, branding, and PR strategy. 

We set up 1:1 meetings between brands that are eager to partner and industry experts who want to help. Speed Dating is an Insider-only event designed to create meaningful conversations and generate partnerships that will help evolve your business.